The silence of Evolution

Once in a life time we reach a point when resilience is not enough. We slowly lose our capacity to regain our selves over and over again. We are no longer ready to become how we were and make ourselves vulnerable to the turmoil that we witnessed. We refuse to succumb, once again, to the reasons that diminished us. We become brittle and inflexible.
From here on, we make our choice. We can choose to break. Or we can choose to evolve. The cluttered energies which fill us before we are to make our choice must leave us though, reducing us to a dilapidated and weak version of ourselves. This phase too, is transient. It allows us to cleanse ourselves of doubts and negativities. It leaves with us a huge void and vacuum. The emotions get erased and so does the pain. I believe it’s numbing to such an extent that the pain cannot penetrate and damage us any further. The calculations are immaculate. A glass wall emerges between our soul and that of other entities and we are able to converse freely with the universal soul. It slowly frees us of the struggle that the mind and heart have suffered recently. It undoes all the knots in the mind. Peace begins to fill inside. The new energy entering our being is fresh, calm and devoid of the incessant clamour.
The peace and quiet is calming. It is refreshing. In the tangles of excitement and the roller coaster of emotions, we begin to feel like we are living more of our lives. The peace is something that has eluded us for so long that it feels alien in the beginning. We wonder whether we have become less of ourselves. Are we living a little less than we were?
Less soon assumes a dimension much bigger than that of “more”. Less is more when out of shrewd complexities evolve the most simple yet most profound realizations. Frugality results from abundance and we are able to shred the superficial layers to reach our cores… the core swells and envelopes our physicality and wraps us in its aura and we glow from within. Then, less becomes more. The lesser we are, the richer we are.

The more ‘I’ diminish, the more I grow. Frugality is abundance. Frugality brings clarity. Clarity comes when we are able to listen and when there is abundance of silence within, which is not obfuscated by the din and clutter of struggles and role playing in the quest of owning and possessing. It is in a short span or maybe even a transient moment when we let go of our desire to grasp and hold and trap our dreams and realities, that we ourselves become free. It is in that beautiful moment that we realize the lightness of being. We evolve and transcend.


2 thoughts on “The silence of Evolution

  1. Great blog. I too believe that only silence can be received and internalized in its totality. Words…We hear and digest a lot, but only sketchily. It is more of an intellectual exercise. Most of the time we understand only words and not silence. We are educated to appreciate intricacies of the language. There is no school which is teaching us about “wordless” universe deep within us. However, we are independently acting and responsible conscious beings. Through our own awareness, we create our own values and determine a meaning to our life. Therefore, Silence is heard existentially and is realized from deep within. Once that happens …we reach to a total understanding.

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    1. While teaching my son, I had once read that language skills are merely useful to store and pass on what we learn to the next generations. When I gave this line more than a fleeting thought, I found a lot of value in it. We need spoken and written words for all activities other than realising our own selves. For that we need Silence.
      Really appreciate the time and effort to read and share your chain of thought here. Glad to have discovered a ‘like minded’ mind by a happy accident….or maybe not!!
      Do share your blog’s link with me. Would love to read.


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