In Conversation with Coffee…

Coffee is a beverage that holds my imagination. I believe it does the same of many more. It has some qualities that I have been searching for and to my disappointment and relief, never found a blend so wholesome and rich.
Coffee does make up for all that is missing in people. The enticing color of the beans, the rich fragrance which fills the air when they are crushed, the intoxicating aroma of a fresh brew, the smooth invigorating texture and a natural unadulterated flavor, all in one hot cup. I have often felt that coffee has a personality of its own…an inimitable one, at that.
Whichever pedestal I may be operating from; happy or soulful, wild or tame or the numerous shades that lie in between the extremes of these spectrums; this is one steaming hot cup that holds its space…in the mind, heart and in my hands. It provokes the mind to think more than what meets the eye. It provokes the eyes to see beyond what is visible in tangible space. It initiates my conversations with myself and adds to the substance of the dialogues. It breathes in emotions into the heart and lends an unfathomable depth to those emotions. It also, ironically gives me a zilch moment or two here and there when the mind is without a thought and the heart is without an emotion.
Although, I absolutely adore all moments filled with thoughts and soaked in emotions, sometimes, these zilch moments are even more coveted than the fuller ones. They make up for the lack of my juvenile mind’s potential to meditate and become a thoughtless non entity for a brief while. They breathe the much needed space into a day which otherwise promises to be choked for its supply of oxygen. They make me free…to flow and breeze away into oblivion. How much more meditative and therapeutic can a cups contents be?


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