Is there one? I have often wondered. For wherever I reach, there is always more to do, more to see, more to express, more to desire, more to achieve, and more to experience. The zenith just keeps moving further and further away. The sun and the moon have their moments when they touch their zeniths, but that is because we have defined their zeniths for them. We have given this identity to those points. How can we ever give an identity and definition to the ever elusive place called zenith? It’s just a myth, as is completion.


Zenith is an evolutionary space … a momentary experience, at best … as is the nadir. These are spaces where we find answers to our questions and set new ones before the universe. These are the spaces where we can hope to capture some fragments of new ideas floating, new pictures we want in our lives, new ropes if we take hold of them promising to take us on our quest for a new zenith, after we have experienced our new nadirs … breaking us and making us a stronger, more resilient version of ourselves …. and welcoming us, once again to the roller coaster ride that life is.


The nadirs and the zeniths are not here to stay. They are like the breaths taken which will never return. You may only experience the déjà vu moments when you touch your new sets of these extremes. Love the high points, love the low points … love the ride, love the stops, jump the gaps, cross the rivers, lose yourself in the thick forests, go in circles till you reach the foothills … scale the mountains, let yourself drown in life so that you can learn to float … and then occasionally, life will send you underwater just to touch the nadir momentarily, and dig out those obscure treasures that you find only there. Pick up the threads … to be able to reach the zenith for a moment, just before the zenith moves beyond. Erect the flag to see how far below the zenith was, the last time you touched it. Get charmed by the beauty of this sensuous life, because there is nothing more charming and nothing more cleansing, nothing more purifying and nothing more meditative than living this precious life to the core. Precarious, yet strong. Bold, yet shy. Fluid, yet firm. Soft and radiant this moment, treacherous the next. You cannot predict what comes from that blind alley you are about to turn into.


I cannot put into words what life feels like to me when I embrace it passionately and let it unfold it’s mysteries into my heart and converse with my soul. Live with your soul. Right here, right now. Love it … live it … to the core. Just pick up the threads that life offers to you because whether they lead you to your transient zeniths or nadirs, they are the means to unlocking the mysteries to this breathtakingly beautiful universe.


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